Brand Ambassadors

The heart of our event marketing is our team of Brand Ambassadors. They are more than drivers who take the mobile exhibits on the road. They set up and tear down everything related to your event. They are trained extensively in your brand’s product and constantly interact with the people in your target market. They serve as the face of your product, an extension of the brand.

We hire ambassadors with experience from a wide variety of industries and specializations, so no one joins our team on ground zero. We take great care in finding qualified and certified Brand Ambassadors, but we place as much importance on personality. They’re upbeat, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. With our contacts all over the country, we can have one ambassador making 200 event stops or 100 ambassadors each handling an event in their home city—whatever your brand needs.

In addition to strong people skills, all of our drivers have and maintain an excellent DOT Safety record, are CDL certified, and maintain a road etiquette any client would be proud of when their logo is driving down the road. SSG/Brandintense is in the top 1% in DOT safety for our industry.