We have to know a few tricks to bring your ideas to life. Besides consumer engagement and marketing, business activation and training, sports and entertainment marketing, multicultural marketing and brand character management (all of which you can see in our Portfolio), we have several ways to round out your campaign. Our capabilities include:

You don’t just get the outside of the truck. We can put together whatever you envision on the inside, and we do it on-site. Need a mobile video game arena? We did that. Need a space to test new-to-market impact drivers at auto shops? We did that too.

Costume Character Management
We take all the pressure off of your costume character appearances. We store, ship, staff, maintain and care for your costumes. Just tell us where to meet you.

Just because there are a lot of moving parts in event marketing doesn’t mean you have to worry about them. Scheduling, shipping, ensuring DOT regulations are met, setting up, tearing down, all of it. We are truly turnkey.

We customize anything with wheels on-site. Trucks, trailers, simulation cars, Hummers, big rigs—we’ll make it look exactly as it should.

Our team is a mobile extension of your brand in any setting you need. Our Brand Ambassadors know everything about your product a curious potential customer could ask.

Over the Road Impressions
Catching eyes on the highway is just as important as getting to the event itself. We’ve been doing this for more than 20 years, so our expert designers know how to get your brand the attention it wants before the driver even steps out of the truck.