Sports and entertainment marketing lets you expand on sponsorships that already exist and take advantage of the exposure to give your customer a memorable interaction. By pairing your product with an event your customer is already passionate about, you bring the product to life in a unique and lasting way. SSG/Brandintense handles all the logistics of getting your product in front of the fans of a high-profile event.

Record Setting Halo3® Invades NYC

Challenge: Launch the fanatical Halo3® for XBOX, the most anticipated video game in the history of gaming in New York City. Timeframe of three weeks to create an arrival for the game that will appeal to the discriminating game connoisseur, is headline worthy and befitting the epic conclusion of the Halo® trililogy.’

Solution:TheHalo3® H2.

The Halo3® H2 transported copies of the game to the Best Buy on 5th Avenue for the New York City launch. The Halo3® H2 was equipped with a t-shirt turret on top that shot freebies into the frenzied crowd, some of whom had been waiting in line to purchase the game for days. The Halo3® H2 motorcade was accompanied by Marines who escorted the highly anticipated game into Best Buy at exactly midnight.

SSG/Branddintense operates these programs in conjunction with one off our many long-term agency partners, epmthree Marketing.

Results: Halo3® has officially become the biggest entertainment launch in history, garnering an estimated $170 million in sales in the United States alone in the first 24 hours. The Halo3® H2 has since been oufitted with high-tech gaming stations and is spreading the popppularityy of Halo3® at colleggecamppuses far and wide.